Basque Country Competitiveness Report: Resilience: Before, during and after the pandemic

The Cluster Centre presents on Monday, 21st December @10.30 – 11.30am ‘Basque Country Competitiveness Report: Resilience: Before, during and after the pandemic’ in the good company of James Wilson. International cluster expert James will explore the topic of how regions can build resilience as they seek long-term recovery from the shocks of the pandemic. Regional resilience involves a wide cast of actors where intermediaries such as clusters have a critical role to play.  For example in responding to […]

Preparing EU for Post-Covid 19 World – Why Clusters Matter

Recently European Commissioner Thierry Breton spoke on the impact of Clusters during the Covid-19 pandemic and the important role they will play going forward in post Covid-19 Europe. Dealing with and tackling the outbreak of the virus has been about everyone coming together and focusing on a common goal and clusters were at the forefront of this response. Future collective landscapes will be influenced by the collaborative and joint response of companies across Europe and […]

Cluster 2 Cluster Knowledge Sharing

Cluster 2 Cluster Webinar – November 2020 During this meeting, the Applied IoT Technology gateway cluster and Cyber Ireland shared their clustering experience and showcased their industry & research assets, highlighting where they are meeting the needs of the industry stakeholders. Tom Fitzmaurice, Business Development Manager, for the Applied IoT gateway, Enterprise Ireland showcased where the research community has gathered to provide a gateway structure in order to best meet the hardware and/or software research challenges and gaps of […]

The role of Clusters as we collectively prepare to meet the transitions that are underway

Following on from Ifor’s webinar, registration for the October Online Cluster Development Programme with Ifor Ffowcs-Williams is available here. Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, Cluster Navigators Ltd, New Zealand.  Ifor is acknowledged as one of the most influential cluster practitioners in the world, with hands-on experience extending to over 50 countries. Ifor is a Founder and Past President of TCI Network.  Ifor has been an advisor to The World Bank, EU, OECD, UNDP, international aid agencies and national & regional economic […]

Webinar Report: Igniting Cluster Development with Ifor Ffowcs-Williams

It was our pleasure to host Ifor Ffowcs-Williams a world-renowned expert and global leader in clustering on 22nd September 2020. In this webinar Ifor explored the relevance of economic development centred on clusters and a region’s economic strengths. Ifor set out the logic and the practicalities in supporting cluster development as a centre stage strategy drawing on international examples and expertise from across the island – Hilary Moran, The FinTech Cluster, John Hobbs, Vlinc, Cork […]

Looking beyond the usual suspects

This April, I joined the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) webinar, which works with approx. 1000 industrial European clusters.  It felt good to be at the core of industrial clusters and collaborative projects with European Clusters Alliance.  This webinar titled ‘The COVID-19 cluster response: Solutions for dealing with ecosystem supply chain disruptions’, was attended by cluster managers, SME intermediaries, policy makers, and the social economy featured strongly.  Dr. Ulla Engelmann, DG Grow set the frame […]

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