Taking Turns: Collaborative Leadership

As I sat early morning in my home office, enjoying the quietness of child free work time, the crown of my head was showered with sweet morning kisses from a passing 10 year old primary schooler.  This kindness caused me to down tools, and question  ‘Who is minding who?’   This brought me back to my Smurfit UCD Executive Coaching Diploma frame of mind, and I gathered the tools and techniques to reflect on what that […]

‘The role of Clusters in a post Covid Context’

The Cluster Centre Webinar on ‘Clustering in the post Covid environment’.Friday, 24th July @ 12:00-12:45. Register here The Cluster Centre presents international expert James Wilson on ‘Cluster policy in a Covid Context’.  Where Clusters are a feature of the regional economy, this webinar looks at the basic principles of clusters and focuses on leveraging the power of cooperation. We will then explore how policy can use clusters to implement a range of policies that are […]

‘Fundamentals of Industry Clustering’ Webinar

The Cluster Centre presents the ‘Fundamentals of Industry Clustering’ with Lucia Seel, on Friday, 17th July @ 11:00-11:45. Industry Clustering is an established discipline with understanding building on the boundaries and what exactly they do.  Clusters come in all shapes and sizes. Register Here In this kick off webinar The Cluster Centre presents international expertise on clusters, Lucia Seel who will share her experience in studying, establishing and growing industry clusters.  This webinar will help […]

Clusters – a product of disagreement and the integration of difference

The second speaker in the TCI OCEANIA CONFERENCE 2020 online conference was the author of the Cluster Development Handbook” Ifor Ffowcs-Williams on “Why cluster are resistant to industry shocks’. Reflecting the ‘buzzing of people’ and quoting the book ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’ by James Surowiecki and the lessons for leadership of cluster Ifor started his talk saying that the best collective decisions are the product of disagreement and contest not consensus or compromise.  This may appear counter […]

Stay in your lane, swarm & synchronise. How to lead when it matters most.

Like many conferences in 2020 the TCI OCEANIA CONFERENCE 2020 was an online affair.  Themed as ‘Leadership in times of crisis & what it means for cluster and network leaders’ it unpicked the learnings of leadership in time of urgency.   Leadership can be a difficult topic to neatly package and define with a raft of different styles and definitions.  However during a crisis the role of leadership and group cohesion/decision is extremely acute.  Equally leadership in cluster formation is […]

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