Cluster Development

The Cluster Centre supports Clusters and the Cluster Ecosystem in Ireland.  

Clusters provide a bridge between business, the public sector, universities and society.  Clusters enhance innovation, growth, industry and competitiveness.

Developing a Cluster is about trust & collaboration. Let’s talk.

 About CLUSTER Development

Grounded in the concepts of collaboration and coopetition, Industry Clustering is recognised as a valuable economic tool for companies, industry sectors, for regional development and for national competitiveness.  The National Competitiveness Council notes that ‘regions successful in facilitating industry clusters ‘have been found to have higher levels of productivity, innovation, employment and prosperity’.

By providing an overarching structure for Clusters and for Policy makers, The Cluster Center is designing a framework and a partnership approach to Cluster capacity building in Ireland.   The Cluster Centre has set out to work across the quadruple helix and support Clusters, Networks, Trade Associations, Research Gateways, Policy Makers and Civil Society with Cluster Development.   

Where do I start?  Contact The Cluster Centre to discuss your needs.   

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Governance & Cluster Policies | Recruitment | Ethos | Project Identification | Board Structuring | Mission/Vision Development | Measurement | Funding | Operations | Needs identification | Collaboration | Buy-in


Knowledge Sharing | Collaboration | Cluster Manager Development | Project Execution | Research | Inter-Cluster Collaboration


International Linkages | Site Visits | Project Management | Resetting Ambition | Unblocking challenges | Realising Potential | Accreditation

  • Strategy
  • Communications
  • Campaign Creation & Management
  • Event Management
  • Finance Strategy
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Recruitment
  • Research
  • Networking
  • Project Management

Clusters & the Cluster Ecosystem is recognised as a driver of economic activity and regional development. 

As a Cluster Manager or as Policy Lead do you need to:

  • Build understanding for Clusters & the Cluster ecosystem
  • Support & build capability for Clusters, Clustering & Networks
  • Build industry peer to peer & knowledge sharing dialogue
  • Collate collective industry insights  
  • Engage, Consult & Learn with Irish and international experts & stakeholders.
  • Advocate the potential of the collective.
  • Research your Industry Supply Chain
  • Create & Connect on Cluster Roadmaps & Action Plan

IReland's Cluster Repository


                  Up and coming cluster focused events

  • 28th Oct 2020, ECCP helps Clusters go Digital: Digitalisation of Cluster services & activities.  Register here.
  • 10 – 12th Nov 2020, European Cluster Conference takes place, along with the Intra-European Cluster Matchmaking Event. More details here
  • Next Cluster 2 Cluster all island Webinar, 04th Nov, 11 – 12.  Register here.
  • The Cluster Centre Webinar: Igniting Cluster Development with Ifor Williams, Global Cluster Expert, Ongoing in Oct & Nov 2020.
  • European Cluster Alliance Daily Webinars


Founded, arising out of a Conference Held in Galway, in March 2018,The Irish Wood & Furniture Manufacturing Network is now established as a representative Cluster for the development of Wood Crafts, Furniture Manufacturers, Fit Out companies and Joinery Manufacturers, in pursuit of Excellence through Collaboration. This would not have succeeded without the talents, patience, empathy and skills of Ms Clodagh Barry whose work in developing the groundwork and ongoing direction of IWFMN has been pivotal in finding our way. I can say emphatically that without Clodagh’s competent guidance and unstinting energy we would not be where we are today, we would have failed.
We had a great experience in working with Clodagh bringing a wide range of expertise and ideas to our successful funding application, which she completed in a tight time frame
As a marketing and sales professional with 20 years+ in the pharmaceutical industry I was about to embark on a new search. I have a 20+ track record, and was feeling all the emotions of inertia and inability to see my potential. I began meeting with Clodagh for coaching. Within a couple of sessions I was setting goals and reflecting upon reality and discovering my many options. The wood was quickly visible from the trees!. Clodagh helped me to unlock my own potential and realise that I had many options to work towards Clodagh displays great listening abilities with oodles of emotional intelligence. I was delighted to have the chance to be coached by Clodagh and would highly recommend her as a professional coach.
Global Business Manager, Pharma, Ireland
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