Executive Coaching

Develop your leadership style & mindset


Coaching offers the support and comfort of a trusted environment from where new perspectives can emerge to inform learning, growth & development.  Our Executive Coaching service is designed to support business leaders and team managers consider their future self.  Coaching can develop professional leadership skills that benefit the individual, their teams, and the overall business unit performance.  Executive Coaching supports the coachee to reflect & review on a current situation in a fresh way.   

Coaching will support the development of your leadership team, and support those up-and-coming individuals.  As organisations promote managers to senior roles Executive Coaching can support the transition.   Coaching provides an opportunity to learn, reflect, and grow further in your own confidence.  A combination of self awareness, emotional intelligence & reflection will underpin your ability to motivate and guide your teams towards improved productivity and new performance levels.  Our Executive Coaching service provides a safe and supportive environment for clients to agree their coaching goals in order to unlock their current potential.

Clodagh is an European Mentoring and Coaching Council Accredited Coach.  My coaching philosophy is to provide a safe space, and to build trust and safety into the coach-coachee relationship.  In framing open and quality conversations this enables clients to reflect and raises awareness for new pathways to attain goals, and shifts in perspective.   The values that shape my practise are ‘Patience, Listening, Understanding and Empathy’.  The Gestalt practise of ‘felt sense’ and ‘here and now’ appeal to me.  The standard I am holding myself to is the excellence of the Smurfit UCD professionals who moulded the crafting of my practise in 2019 – 2020.   My practise complies with the Global and EMCC Code of Ethics, and the EMCC Inclusion & Diversity Declaration

challenges faced by leaders

  • Managing stress 
  • Business performance
  • Resolving conflict
  • Culture Setting
  • Guiding Change
  • Organisational politics
  • Managing Upwards
  • Career advancement
  • Inspiring others

A range of Coaching themes that can emerge are

Skills and Performance

Learn a new skill, Grow a capability,
Improve workplace relationships


Prepare for a Leadership role, Become a more effective leader, Develop Self Awareness,  Empower & Develop your team

Personal Development

Develop emotional Intelligence, Grow effective communication, Lead with empathy,
Consider workplace culture

Meaning Making

Find greater life meaning,
Make a major life change, 
Make a career change.


I had the pleasure of working with Clodagh as a coach soon after I joined my new company in a new role.  I found our sessions helpful and insightful – she would ask me pertinent and fundamental questions to help me see various aspects of an issue I was working through.  I always felt that I had more clarity and positivity about my goals and plans after our sessions.  I highly recommend Clodagh, I have benefited greatly from our sessions.

We had a great experience in working with Clodagh bringing a wide range of expertise and ideas to our successful 2019 Enterprise Ireland REDF funding application, which she completed in a tight time frame
As a marketing and sales professional with 20 years+ in the pharmaceutical industry I was about to embark on a new search. I have a 20+ track record, and was feeling all the emotions of inertia and inability to see my potential. I began meeting with Clodagh for coaching. Within a couple of sessions I was setting goals and reflecting upon reality and discovering my many options. The wood was quickly visible from the trees!. Clodagh helped me to unlock my own potential and realise that I had many options to work towards Clodagh displays great listening abilities with oodles of emotional intelligence. I was delighted to have the chance to be coached by Clodagh and would highly recommend her as a professional coach.
Global Business Manager, Pharma, Ireland
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